Canadian Initiations

We have noticed a lot of interest in this website from people living in Canada. As a result we want to send one of our Meditation Teachers to carry out Initiations into the Light and Sound.

The initiations usually take place over a period of 2 days; we would therefore aim for a Saturday and Sunday. At present most of the people reading the site are living in the Vancouver area so we would hope to find a suitable room there that we can book for the weekend. On subsequent visits we would consider other cities depending on where there is interest.

It is important that people prepare and practice sitting for an hour at a time. The Initiation days are broken up into short manageable sessions. You don’t have to have great experience meditating, just the ability to relax and a desire to know the Truth.

There is absolutely no cost; what we offer is priceless so is given absolute free. All we ask is that people bring their own food and drinks and possibly cushions etc. It is important that you are comfortable.

Our Teacher’s time is extremely precious so we need to know that there will be a number of people that seek the initiation. If you are interested please let us know through the Contact Page by clicking on North America. We can then answer any questions that you may have and send instructions to prepare you.

At present we have groups in 28 Countries Worldwide.