When you feel confident in Breath Meditation the next stage is to ask for a personal mantra – you can contact us here.

A mantra is a set of syllables designed to create balance physically, emotionally and mentally in order to prepare the seeker for higher forms of meditation.

A personal mantra will usually be 3 syllables and these should be said internally and energetically with intent and focus.The mantras are NOT designed to synchronise with the breath. You will probably start that way but let the breath take care of itself while continuing to ‘punch out’ the syllables of the mantra in a sustained rhythm.

Initially, for those who have never meditated with a mantra before, try 5-10 minutes. Any posture whereby the spine is erect is perfectly OK. However, for those who wish to adopt yogic positions please feel free to do so! What is important is that you are concentrating on the mantra and not bodily discomfort. You need to be in a quiet space, without distraction: it is helpful to create a special place and a regular time to do this.

mantra meditation

When using a mantra the rules of breath meditation apply here as well. You WILL find that your mind wanders and discover yourself thinking the “thoughts of the day”. This is quite normal: you now have choice and should gently refocus and return to saying the mantra. Try not to dwell on distraction in a negative way as this will only disrupt the tranquility of the meditation.

Before asking to be considered for initiation a person should build up their meditation to a one hour session each day and have been doing this for at least one month. The time frame to aim for should be between 3-6 months from the time of receiving the mantra. To be considered for initiation you can contact us here.

There is absolutely no charge for the mantra or any of the initiations (see the page on giving).