Breath Meditation

This is used to develop focus and intent and is recommended for all stages of the journey.

The Benefits:

• To help relax and bring peace and stillness
• To center oneself
• To promote health and a sense of well being

Meditation on the breath, done properly, can significantly enhance the higher forms of meditation on Light and Sound.

Meditation is probably the challenging thing you will ever do in your life and anything that makes this task easier should be embraced. A person needs to breathe properly to prepare for, and during, their contact with the Spiritual Light and Sound energies.

For the absolute beginner we suggest viewing/listening to YouTube videos. They will guide you through the steps in this technique including details regarding posture, the mind and applying focus. This is a simple and rewarding way to start meditation and is practiced by millions worldwide.

breath meditation

As a possible start we can recommend the audio by Lori Granger entitled ‘Sitting with Breath’ which will suit the beginner and will guide you through a session lasting about 15 minutes. When listening to the audio you may wish to use a candle as a visual point of focus: many people find this practice extremely relaxing and beautiful. As your confidence and ability grow you will be able to meditate on the breath without the use the candle: it will simply become a natural part of your daily routine. To access the meditation audio simply click on the button below:

Sitting with the Breath: A Meditation by Lori Granger

Eventually we will be creating our own video and will let you know when this becomes available. Keep checking the website.